Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Reviews - Go*Cosmetics, Maybelline and Barry M

Hiya Peeps,
This is a small review. After a week trying out some new cosmetics i came to the conclusion of five best products to try out.

1. Go* Eye Liner Pencil in Black.

£1.99 from

Lasts most of the day
You don't need to keep going over it to get a really dark shade.


2. Go* Quad Eyeshadow Large in No.Q3
£3.99 from
Vibrant colours
Lasts all day long
Great price
You do need alot of product on the brush to make it vibrant.

3. Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner.
£4.99 from any drugstore
Just like a felt tip pen

Really easy to use
Much, much better than a brush
can create many define looks with this

The lid is so hard to get off i have to pull it off with my teeth. Ouch!
You do need to press down on the eye lid quite firmly to use

4. Barry M Kohl eye pencil No 6 and No 25
£2.95 From Boots and Superdrug. Barry M also ships internationally.
Fantastic bright colours
Lasts all day
You can smudge them for an effect or leave them
Great on the lid and under eye
easy to use

I hope you enjoyed this small review. Try out any of the above they're all amazing products and at great prices too =]
Lots of Love
Jen Jen oxo

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