Friday, 6 March 2009


This is product is from up and coming cosmetic site eyeko It's a 3 in 1 cream Moisturiser, eye cream and highlighter. I love this and it's only £5.00 with free shipping world wide. Check out the site they have loads of great products to tryout = ]

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Happy shopping peeps
Jen Jen xoxo

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Barry M: Scarlet line Look

Ok, So i tried out Barry M's Kohl Penicl in No. 25, and i love, love, love this colour it's so vibrant and so easy to use, unlike some eye liners that are so hard and don't seem to come off unless you really press down. Not Barry M's eyeliner pencils they go on straight away and come in a range of fantastic colours. And cost only £2.95!
Here's the look i created:
I'll have to experiment some looks and do tutorials on them heheh =]
Lots of love
Jen Jen xoxo

Reviews - Go*Cosmetics, Maybelline and Barry M

Hiya Peeps,
This is a small review. After a week trying out some new cosmetics i came to the conclusion of five best products to try out.

1. Go* Eye Liner Pencil in Black.

£1.99 from

Lasts most of the day
You don't need to keep going over it to get a really dark shade.


2. Go* Quad Eyeshadow Large in No.Q3
£3.99 from
Vibrant colours
Lasts all day long
Great price
You do need alot of product on the brush to make it vibrant.

3. Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner.
£4.99 from any drugstore
Just like a felt tip pen

Really easy to use
Much, much better than a brush
can create many define looks with this

The lid is so hard to get off i have to pull it off with my teeth. Ouch!
You do need to press down on the eye lid quite firmly to use

4. Barry M Kohl eye pencil No 6 and No 25
£2.95 From Boots and Superdrug. Barry M also ships internationally.
Fantastic bright colours
Lasts all day
You can smudge them for an effect or leave them
Great on the lid and under eye
easy to use

I hope you enjoyed this small review. Try out any of the above they're all amazing products and at great prices too =]
Lots of Love
Jen Jen oxo