Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Barry M: Scarlet line Look

Ok, So i tried out Barry M's Kohl Penicl in No. 25, and i love, love, love this colour it's so vibrant and so easy to use, unlike some eye liners that are so hard and don't seem to come off unless you really press down. Not Barry M's eyeliner pencils they go on straight away and come in a range of fantastic colours. And cost only £2.95!
Here's the look i created:
I'll have to experiment some looks and do tutorials on them heheh =]
Lots of love
Jen Jen xoxo


  1. wow the eyeliner is really vibrant! very pretty!
    what mascara did you use?your lashes look loong

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog too btw. :)

  2. That's ok, you have a wicked blog.
    I used, No7 Intense Volume Mascara £10.30 from Boots. I swear it's the best one out there, i love it = ]