Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Latest Delivery - Go* Cosmetics

I only just finished tweeking my first post when i get a package through my door!

It was from Iona Cosmetics who supple Go* Cosmetics. I'm really excited, i'll review the make-up at the weekend or on Monday but i've taken samples and a product image of the items. The eyeshadows are bright and i can't wait to review and to do a tutorial on them : )

The Top colour: Go* & Blow eye Dust in Light Green

Below: Go* Quad Eyeshadow No. Q3


Jen Jen xo

New Beauty Blog and first tutorial: Spring

Hey peeps, I thought i would begin this blog with a make-up tutorial. I have to do it in pictures at the mo as i'm saving for a camcorder and should have it by the end of June yay! After that all tutorials will be posted on my Youtube Channel - MakeupYourDaye.
Todays look is a fresh apple green, spring inspired look, using Boots Natural Collection sea shells, Apple/Frost eye duo and a BeautyUK pallet found in most Superdrug stores.

1. Prime the lids and inner eye corners with Barry M Shimering eye and Lip crayon and then blend with ring finger.

2. Next take Natural Collection (Boots) Sea Shell eyeshadow and brush all over the eye, inner corners and brown bone.

3. Then take the duo Apple/Frost eyeshadow.
We are going to pat the frost colour over the lid. Your eyes should look like this:

4. Take the Apple colour and gently blend into your eye sockets and outer corners.

5. Next we're going to use the Beautyuk (Superdrug) pallet which doesn't have a name. Take the dark Teal colour and dab a tiny tiny bit onto the brush and then dab onto the outer cornet of the eye and work up into the crease.

6. After That we are going to do the liner. Take a thin brush, damp it with water and dab it into any black eyeshadow. Starting at the outer corner of the eye gently draw your black line. Close to the eyelashes as possible.
7. Use a clean blusher brush to sweep away any fallen eyeshadow and retouch with concealer if needed
8. Finish with mascara and your done.

Jen Jen xo